Heppee has a mature and developed an app Kid app that the lives of children and their divorced parents easier and makes more fun by assisting in planning and communication.

Heppee for the parents

For the parents we provide a co-parenting app to tune complicated gratings with each other. It is important for children to look back on moments and look forward to major events. The Heppee Timeline brings these experiences and photos in a secure and private place.
Family members can access it at the invitation of the parents to the Timeline and Calendar. One meal plans and is thus even easier!

Heppee for the kids

Especially for your child is the child Heppee app. This app is linked to the Heppee Parent app, developed for the needs and experiences of the child.
The app provides a timeline with photos and a fun countdown animation so that your child can see when it goes to the other parent. Goodnight wishes or give a hug has never been easier!

Our goal is to give children display overview strengthen their lives and their relationship with their parents.

More than 1,000 families use the Heppee app.

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