Features for the Parents

For divorced parents Heppee app offers the following features:


Heppee has developed an interactive calendar that allows parents to coordinate and tailor the schedules of their children together. Exchange moments, events and changes are combined in a clear and detailed schedule. Easy to share and manage!



It’s important for children that they can look back at great or special moments and can look forward to special upcoming events. The Timeline brings these experiences and photos together in a safe and private place. These moments can be shared with both parents and the rest of the family.



Heppee offers the opportunity to be there for your child, even if he or she is with the other parent. With one click you say goodnight, send a hug or send a picture. A fun interactive countdown animation shows your child when he or she is switching homes.

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Family members can access the Timeline and Calendar by invitation of the parents. It’s easy to be involved and plan with your family!



Always be up to date of changes in the calendar and messages of the children. Organized and safe!

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