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This privacy policy applies to heppee.com owned and operated Heppee BV. This privacy policy describes how Heppee collects and uses the personal information you provide on our web site. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information.


These terms and conditions ( “Terms of Use”) apply to the Agreement for the use of the Heppee application.


1.1 Account:
The secure digital environment of the Application which a user can manage his profile and can make use of the services offered through the Application Heppee.

1.2 Application:
The software (mobile application, or “app”) to include the Android and iOS operating systems called Heppee “which provides among other things a platform for parents who do not live together – and their grandparents and other family members and stakeholders – to each other and to communicate the child of those parents on matters affecting the child and to make appointments thereto and information to see each other.
1.3 User:
The natural person not acting in the exercise of profession or business, who installed the App and use it and is therefore bound by these Terms of Use.
1.4 Heppee:
Heppee BV, based in Amsterdam at the KNSM-laan 355, being the provider of the Application.
1.5 Timeline:
A private virtual overview of moments and events accessible to the user and their family members (eg, parents and the child).
1.6 Duration:
The duration of the agreement with the user, as specified in Article [INSERT] of these Terms of Use.
1.7 Agreement:
The multilateral commitment that evolves between Heppee and the user that the user install and use the Application.
1.8 Privacy:
The Privacy policy of Heppee, as available below.


2.1. Between Heppee and the User Agreement comes into being after the user has successfully registered and created an account. In this Agreement, these Terms of Use.


3.1. An account is personal and may be used only by the user who created the relevant Account during the Term.

3.2. The user must take care of their own risk and expense to arrange for an internet connection, hardware and software to use the Heppee account.

3.3. The User will when creating his account all (personal) data inputs to truth. When false (personal) information is entered – or Heppee has reasonable suspicions that this is the case – Heppee shall be entitled to deactivate an account with immediate effect and to prevent a user to create a new account.


4.1.      Door het sluiten van een Overeenkomst komt een klantrelatie tot stand tussen Heppee en de Gebruiker, al dan niet voor een bepaalde Looptijd. Het staat Heppee derhalve vrij om de Gebruiker elektronische communicatie toe te sturen met betrekking tot (toekomstige) diensten of producten van Heppee. Wenst u dergelijke communicatie niet te ontvangen, dan kunt u zich daarvoor uitschrijven via [E-MAIL] of via de daarvoor aangewezen weg in het desbetreffende elektronische bericht.

4.2.      Heppee streeft naar een goede kwaliteit van de dienstverlening. Heppee kan evenwel niet garanderen dat de Applicatie of toegang tot de Account te allen tijde beschikbaar is. De Applicatie en toegang tot de Account, kunnen vanwege onderhoud of storingen (al dan niet vanwege externe invloeden) tijdelijk niet beschikbaar zijn. Heppee streeft er naar om de overlast die hierdoor kan ontstaan zoveel mogelijk te beperken. Indien redelijkerwijs mogelijk, zal Heppee onderhoud- en updatewerkzaamheden van tevoren bekend maken aan de Gebruiker.

4.3.      Heppee kan bij haar dienstverlening gebruik maken van diensten van derden. Heppee is niet aansprakelijk voor schade en/of kosten als gevolg van fouten in de dienstverlening van de door haar ingeschakelde derde wanneer de derde en Heppee niet als een zekere eenheid van onderneming naar buiten treden.

4.4.      Heppee is te allen tijde gerechtigd om de functionaliteit en look & feel van de Applicatie te wijzigen.

4.5.      Het staat Heppee vrij op haar Applicatie advertenties aan te bieden. Voor zover daarbij gebruik wordt gemaakt van cookies, is daaromtrent meer bepaald in het Privacyreglement.


5.1      When registering and when using the Application processed Heppee personal data of a user. This does Heppee to implement the agreement and to optimize its services. Read more about how Heppee handles personal data in the Privacy Regulations.


6.1. Unless otherwise agreed and except by the user via the App shared content when he can have rights, rest all (intellectual property) rights, including but not limited to copyright, content and Application (including the software that goes with it) at Heppee or its suppliers. The User can assert no rights whatsoever to the above content except as provided in these Terms of Use.

6.2. The User may not (parts only) software relating to the Application or it is related in another way, copy, reuse, decompile or disclose.

6.3. The User may not use any content or copy of the Application, except by law and / or these conditions allowed private use or if the user if otherwise entitled.

  1. 7. PAYMENT

7.1. The user pays the fee as agreed upon entering into the Agreement. The fee is € 1.99 (one-time payment), which only needs to be paid by the ‘owner’ of the app. The other users within this family account can use the app for free.


8.1. To the extent that conflict between any provision of these Terms of Use and provision specifically agreed with a user, the relevant specific provision is to determine from these Terms of Use.

8.2. These Terms of Use are governed by Dutch law. Disputes arising from this agreement can only be submitted to the competent court in The Hague except as prescribed by mandatory law otherwise.

8.3. Heppee is entitled to assign the Agreement with the User to a third party. Heppee will inform the user thereof in that case. User already now for then grant assistance to such a transfer.

8.4. These Terms of Use may be unilaterally changed by Heppee during the Term. The changes will be announced prior to commencement of the user and should – to the extent required by law – to be approved by the user.

8.5. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, only the Heppee Terms of Use. Other terms Heppee not accept.

8.6. Complaints about the use of the Application can notify the user when Heppee through sabrina@heppee.com.



This Privacy Policy describes how Heppee B.V. ( ‘The Heppee “) handles your personal data. This Privacy Policy applies to the users ( “User”) of the http://www.heppee.com website ( “Website”) and / or the software application Heppee ( “Application”).

1. Personal data
Heppee collects personally identifiable information (name, inter alia, gender, birth date, user name, email address, and technical information about your device) of all users of the Website and / or the Application. Additionally may be required when using the Application to your location information. If you are using applications where location information is used, and you choose to share that information, Heppee will process this data.
If Heppee may process personal data only with the consent of a user will first be asked for permission from the user – or if this is a minor, his parent or guardian – before commencing processing.

2. Purpose processing personal data
Heppee will only use information collected about you to enable you to make use of the Website and / or the Application, the performance of a contract, compliance with a legal obligation and to improve the Website and the Application.

3. Data protection
Heppee has adequate security measures to protect your personal data against changes, unauthorized disclosures, destruction and to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your personal information ,.

4. Sharing of personal data
Heppee will only share with third parties your personal information as is necessary for being able to offer the Website and / or make the Application and you will be able to use it. Heppee can use for its services of processors. Editors personal data will always be applied for the benefit of Heppee and never for their own purposes.

Inform you as user of the Website and / or application on its own initiative, personal data with other users, for example, upload a picture, then you have come to be regarded as responsible for the purposes of the Data Protection Act. To the extent that such data is stored or otherwise processed by Heppee, will be in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

6.Changes to Privacy Policy
Heppee has the right to change this Privacy Policy. Heppee informs you of a change in the Privacy Regulations by a message on the website and by sending an email to your specified email address.

7. Contact details
If you have questions or comments about our Privacy Policy please contract us via the contact details below: